16 July; The operation was successful and did address that 800 lb gorilla, there are still a few things to be done and a couple of other problems that we thought were related to that but were not. On the whole the eyesight has improved a couple hundred percent. There is still some "fine-tuning" to be done so I can get back to reading print material and other was to get up to the full potential of the surgery

There are things on this site in the way of maintenance that I have to deal with, such as what appear to be broken internal links or the way FireFox is handling them if they are not broken

Approx 28 Feb 2011: Parts of this site are due for maintenance or finishing as are some of the features. Unfortunately, this will need to wait for a few months. I have contracted a nasty case of keratoaconus, This is a msi-shaping of the cornea of the eye. the results can be total blindness. There are several kinds of treatment. The most radical of these is removal and transplant. This has been concluded to be the best course of action for me. After surgery there is a 3-moth period of evaluation and visual rehab. The date for surgery is 5 April 2011. This operation, in one form or other has been around since 1905 and was the first successful transplant. Until that period of time has ended, I have severely scaled back my operations on this site Thank YOU for your understanding and Smokin' rockets Space Patroller