Reference date: 16 September 2006:
This is for several reasons. First, I still do not have everything I want in place. The Humanities building at the Academy still needs the Art/Music Department, and the Psych Department. I still need to decide what to do with the studen union (the building I created is so cool I have to do something with it). There's still the tech manual (a de riguer element in any significant media sci-fi entity) and that kind of thing. I have to work on the zip file for the Terra V rocket cockpit,which will be a copy of the one on my C drive rather than the one here so that I know it works right out of the box, so you can grab it up in one fell swoop and that kind of thing. It may take another half-year to put in all the things I want to.

Beyond that, I may get the idea that Terra City could use this, that or the other thing. Growth is a natural process and it's up to you to keep informed THAT'S WHAT THE ADMINISTRATIVE BULLETIN BOARD IS FOR!. Also, I was smart enough to set up the Monorail lines to be added to by just putting the new stop in. I've got tons of disk space (in fact there are or will be other sites here), soooo.....

Also there is debugging. When I loaded this site onto my hard drive to work on it. I found that some of the links did not work and when I looked at them I saw typo's and things that I hadn't noticed. The servers at Bravenet were a lot more forgiving than the broser so I have to proof the site and who's to say that I got all the bugs? and there are certain things that had to wait until I put the site up on the domain before I could re-calibrate them. This pertains mostly to the Terra V Rocket Cockpit, it being a take-home webtoy.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I'm a self-absorbed twit and bullbleep artist like most people (BWA-HA-HA-HA) and I like to play around with thengs (didn't learn a friggin' thing from getting my hand caught in the washing machine wringer when I was 4 in 1949 while fooling around with it). I am by nature a dynamic person and that means I do things, mostly add, but somethimes shuffle the deck or move things from one part to another if it makes more sense