I had and read this book when I was seven years old. Not only was I impressed by what it said. I was impressed by what it did.

The story starts with two kids, a brother and sister about age 8. One day, at school, the pupils gather in the assembly hall for a screening of one of those science education movies. This is about a trip to the moon...

...shortly after the film starts. we find that the kids are in the story being told by the movie, experiencing first-hand the goings on. They and by psychological extension, we, are morphed into the film's content.

Well If you read the ORIENTATION material, you'll find that you know all there is to know, and from other websites and Space Patrol for Dummies. So what do you need SpacePatrol.US for?

If you ever saw the original Untouchables, after Al Copone is taken down. Frank Nitti, his chief enforcer, describing how he plans to deal with the Untouchables. makes the throat-cutting gesture and says "...an' 'at'sa what'sa gonna happen to Ness".

When you put your pointer on the link image, it says "LIVE THE CONTINUING ADVENTURE" Well, 'at'sa what'sa gonna happen to you. LIke the two kids in the book, you get morphed in. After you hit the link you get. guided through a set of screens that take you into the Thirtieth Century, introduce you to things and, by means of the psychological technology of WEB 3.0, you become an inhabitant of the world of Space Patrol with the option to visit the worlds of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Tom Corbett and others. Once you reach the central Monorail hub you can go on a shopping spree for real things, go to a movie house, a library, museum and the Space Patrol complex as it is "now" about 20 years after Comander Corry and Cadet Happy. You can join us, play games, hunt spies, try the Brain-O-Graph and practice your flying skills. We even have stuff to take home, including a shot at an awesome version of FireFox and a killer resident homepage that enables you to do just about anything you can do; science and math, stocks and finance; and I mean real stocks and finance, not the play stuff like Second Life, super search and lookup and music.