...And that is exactly what you will do. From the most casual drop-in visitor to the full-bore web 3.0 player. who stakes a claim to being a hardcore Space Patroller: It's all here, waiting for you to use. You will do, or be able to do, things that run from the most mundane (play pinball or bowl tenpins like your dad) to the most exotic (blow away enemy craft, higher mathematics or...well...Does "ribbit" do anything for you?). If you have a brain and any curiosity, you will not be in and out of here in 15 miniutes. In fact, you may want to even move in.

All Space Patrol; all the way and all the time. Isn't that what makes something 360?

SPACE PATROL operates on several levels from that of the 6-2/3-year-old that I was to the Math/science/Engineering professional. Our Math and Science centers will be the best short of a full bore professional site, partly because we link to a full bore pro site and I've been able to acquire a set of calculators and conversion calculators second to none: when you fire up the SPACE PATROL POWER CONSOLE, get ready to rumble 'cuz you ain't seen the likes of this anywhere. With over 100 functions and sub-functions as well as resources by the ton, you'll want this as your start page; and you can have it onboard, too.

Many of the scientists who are part of the US Space Program (of sorts) were influenced by the early space programs. But Why do I want to do this? I had a ball with Space Patrol back in the day and I've still got one helluva jones and just flat out can't give it up and am looking for new "kids" (of all ages) to play with.

I want to create an Internet Experince. That means that you don't just read Space Patrol, you use it : You can study here, play games here, converse with others here and whatver else I can shoehorn in (and I've got some crazy ideas, too). This site means to reach out and grab you by the throat and drag you in by means of involving you in activities. Just to show that there's no B.S. spoken here (in fact, we pride ourselves on being the ANTI B.S. CENTER of the UNIVERSE), you can (here comes the usual trashy hard sell pitch and el cheapo mini-tour):

  1. Get the Space Patrol suite that consists of the hottest browser in the world; FIREFOX And SELECTED EXTENSION and some real SECURTY
  2. Attend a "Space Cadet Academy" that features "flight training" simulators and real academics the depth and socpe of which can be found nowhere else because we have the topnotch research, computing and learning facilities to rival a place not based on science fiction. as well as a dirty little secret I learned from my second grade teacher.
  3. Learn about Space Patrol, buy episondes on VHS, DVD and buy DONWLOAD A WEB VIDEO
  4. Use the monster media pool that we have access to:
      Live again or for the first time what a Saturday Afternoon at the BIJOU was like; cartoons, shorts, a movie serial and DOUBLE FEATURE
    • Watch episodes of Space Patrol. Rocky JOnes, Tom Corbett and Captain Video on KDET-TV
    • Groove to the sounds of the Satellite Era with WBZZ Radio
    • Listen to mass quantities of Old Time Radio at WOTR. Tom Corbett, Space Patrol, Fibber McGee, Gunsmoke and over 30 other series
    • Use the jukeboxes at the JUMPIN' JUPITER JIVE-ALIVE JUKE JOINT tennage hangout
    via what is probably the biggest media access for this kind of thing anywhere
  5. Get Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Language software tools and references
  6. We have the "Monorail Mall" that features a games room, two "anchor stores", bookstore, auction house ("sotheby's of Saturn") and other things; whatever I can put in as I find it. If you can see or read it here, I wnat you to be able to get it there. Shop at the places that the veteran Space Cadets get their goodies. You might be standing in line with Chuck Lassen or Jean-Noel Bassior at Cadet Bruce David's Swapsale, fast becoming a destination in itself, or picking up some Rocky Jones DVD's at the same place that Space Ranger Mike Elmo gets his. Or you coould end up in Baccaratti's Badguy Backroom or have your fortune read by Lady Cassandra who claims to be a "licennsed Psychohistory technician": yeah; sure!
  7. move in and set up a communications center for a strong presence here.
  8. Play pinball at ESPN GALAXY GAMES, also bowl tenpin. Play ping-pong, chess or checkers at the Space Patrol HQ rec room,.
  9. carry out full bandwidth and deep> searches with one of teh most thorogh search tool sets in the Universe. In fact, at SpacePatrol.us, you will be in the center of a universe of data and information that cannot be beat anywhere. Searches, encyclopeadia, Math & Science tables and access and computing tools to beat any single website from here to Andromeda.
  10. join discussion groups
  11. Use this as a launch pad to visit similar places
  12. Try gaming at the Spaceman's Luck or hire a robot taxi to go whereever you tell it to
  13. Read and maybe write "fanfic"
  14. participate in the 1950-63 culture that powered a nation to its height, in a playful, enjoyable way, The toys, the music and the ideas and entertainment. The world was bigger than Space Patrol and we take you beyond Space Patrol to a world that I loved. Heavens to Murgatroyd: We're smarter than the average bear.
  15. Get a direct link to me (try it now if you like). Remember, I'm here to play Space Patrol. I do have other interests, but I do those elsewhere.
  16. It would be great if we could put together a newletter or eZine but don't hold your breath. I also write for a vintage '60's/70's keyboard ezine and know how hard it is to get persons to stay focused. This is to advance Space Patrol/Space Cadet culture. We have no political, philosophical (I do have an explicit philosophy that guides my actions but that is taken care of elsewhere and such mention as it gets here is descriptive, not expository), financial or other agenda, nor do we tolerate it.
  17. Play games from video shot-'em-ups to Role Play Games of whatever level of complexity your Dungeon Master wants. Turn Homework into Space Patrol missions and even Space Patrol parties using the Rocket Cockpit (on hiatus for a total upgrade) and Academy as massive resource centers. You'll have the tools to solve any problem and the knowledge base for any kind of science research. you'll not only chew up and spit out an assignment, but with very little extra effort, go beyond "the call of duty" for the kind of work that gets extra brownie points.
  18. Get a poserful FireFox-bases resident homepage in the form of the SPACE PATROL POWER CONSOLE
  19. create a yahoo mini-HQ, that ain't that mini, of your own, which includes: Mail, links you put in, notepad to keep notes, calendar, yahoo 360 and all that this has and a whole buncha stuff that's too numerous to mention here. LEARN MORE. AND it's linked to your Rocket cockput or Start page
  20. Use our TIME & SPACE SCANNER to explore other spacess and times and set up a home in an earlier time..
  21. If you are the parents, then you should know that we monitor and mentor as much as we can without being intrusive, preachy or didactic and, since Space Patrol was 30th century law enforcement, we co-operate with law enforcement here and now. You are welcome to participate but remember, if you are liberals you will be appalled at the lack of political correctness and omni-sexualization here and if you are conservative, you 'll be appalled at the lack of Evangelicalism here. This reflects the era as it was. Many parents of the day either played to, encouraged or aided/abetted in some way their child's interest in Space Patrol, Tom Corbett or the like. So, come on in and play, too. There's stuff for everybody.
  22. And you know it's the real thing since the persons who were most in touch with the original Space Patrollers, Jean-Noel Bassior and Warren Chaney are in the house as part of the Space Patrol Commission with orders from me to keep it Genuine Space Patrol.
  23. And if you're still not satisfied, try THIS
I know what Spacemen want, need and can use because I am a Spaceman of over half a century. Plus you can tell me what you would like to see here and If iit fits and I can get it, or if it fits and you have it, well....

Scary, huh? That's just a short list of things that you can do here. You can use things from here, especially the Terra V Rocket Cockpit for things like

Much of what is here is at the professioanl leve. For example, take the Space Patrol Search Mill. That provides links to specialty search engines. So you have to know what you want. That's what's meant by "full bandwidth" search: You start so from scratch, you choose the search topic and call up an engine just for that topic and all of that topic so you have to know what you're doing in that field. Many of the Math and Scienc tools here are for pro's like the RPN calculator (I don't even know how to use RPN and I used to hang out with scientists) and the statistics packages. The language and writing tools are deadly in the hands of a professioal. Glossaries and dictionaries here often cover specialized subjects. The Academy has a range from the rankest learner to the hardcore Ph D. So Space Patrol is not simply a kids' playground, it just includes one.

As of this moment. there are 5 major InterActivity interfaces, called "webtoys": The SPACEMAN'S LUCK Casino, The Brain-O-graph, a rarely, if ever seen psychological device on the program, The TERRA V ROCKET COCKPIT or START PAGE, TERRA v MISSION COCKPIT and the INTELLIGENCE COSOLE. There are several minor Interactive interfaces like Communications Console. This is a virtua laptop that is part of the monorail and Communications Desk, done in the style of the era of Space Patrol to which you link, Vindicator II Mission Book, the Training rocketships at Osborne and Rogers Missile Defense to name a few. On my wish list is the actual revival of the Space Patrol club with some of the goddies. However, we can't put all of what was there but can add some others, Plus you may have to make some of them from things we provide. such as a "Space Patrol Code Wheel instead of the "Space Patrol Code belt". Also I hope to get a Space Patrol Picture Calendar and other Wallpaper or as the Brits say "wallies". The "official" club may have to be a "subscriber" item as it may involve costs on my part and I would like some help in supporting this website in an ad-free mode as well as keep out troublemakers, trolls etc, which can be done by subscription. It's a bit nebulous now and needs to be developed and detailed more. I am looking to make this as true to the original as I can for two reasons: So that my cadet friends and I can play here and to offer the great experiences that we had. Even the free side will be a blast. If you're a kid or teenager, this will be fresh stuff. It will not be slick and glitzy, We liked this stuff so it is presented in a personal rather than "professional" way. Let me say that Jean-Noel Bassior, who wrote the Space Patrol book and Warren Chaney, a Smallville director are in the house.

We are pioneers in Web 3.0, which if you have not read DO SO NOW.

That is how it works to help you create a world that you can enjoy and it seems as big as a world, in the psychological sense. HOW BIG IS IT?. Using access to other sites that are related. Space Patrol unfolds like one of those playsets that open up to reveal a miniature world.

Beyond that, we are not scripted. With the exception of some props, the general parameters of Space Opera and Space Patrol, and what you bring here. we use free form. This lets you bring your own "story" which you may or may not wish to share. you're not trapped in a pre-determined story-line. The best description is a theme park.

PLEASE NOTE: We do have Standards of Conduct here. In general it is built around the idea of public life in the 1950's and also to be a sound reflection on Ed Kemmer and Space Patrol, about which you should learn.

we are not static, that means. We have also modernized a bit. while the style and theme is the early 1950's, we added some things. We are working on a new Space Patrol Secret Code. The Space Patrol Communications Console is a "laptop" commo device. Like all modern Sci-Fi things, I want to have a Technical Manual (thanx 4 nuttin Star Trek). There was a very literate Space Patrol Handbook which I will incorporate into the Tech Manual

This is how it stands now. I'm new to this and really do not know what I'm doing or what is available to do it with. At the 2003 Williamsburg Film Festival, veteran actor William Schallert, whom you may know from Star Trek as the annoying Federation beaurocrat, said "...I don't know what they were doing over at Space Patrol; having fun" Well I don't know what we're doing over at SpacePatrol. hopefully having fun.

But is that all there is? Well, that alone makes it all right beucause you get a glimpse at a world that either you enjoyed or one that is new and fresh for you. But, if you play your cards right, you come away with more. New persons to talk to for openers. A world-beating "start page" that includes heavy duty math and science tools as well as language and webtools. If you follow the academics and related things, you will learn things like First Aid and other subject matter: Algebra, Physics and things like that. So the site offers a rich source of things that are useful or enlightening. PastBlasters gives you an intimate look at a real world that you probably never knew existed. You will be both better aned better off in real life.Now, what are you going to do when it really gets crazy?

I've read you your Miranda rights. For every right, there is a concommitant responsibility. That is, doing things to get the most out of those rights. The same is true here. while I have all this good stuff; in real terms, it's pretty thin. Others have done and are doing the spade work of digging out the ins and outs of Space Patrol: I am told that there are over 100 episodes that are waiting to be put on media and I have over 110 now and much of what I saw in '03 was new to me. We provide some activities but not really eoungh to keep the interest going. So, I need you to do two things: Aquaint yourself with the subject matter and second become an active participant. Join the clubs and talk to us. This site, even while in beta, pre-launch mode got two persons hooked on Space Patrol. Also, This whole things is G-rated and I will see to it that it stays that way. About as raunchy as it gets is the equivalent to "Mail Call" on the History Channel. You may be rubbing shouldkers with an 8 year old. I was 6-2/3 years old when I discovered Space Patrol in '52 and it had been going for 2 years.

In one sense, this is a real space patrol. With the tools and things I give you and have for myself we patrol "cyber"space, find things and bring them back here. We have communications, storage space and somewhere to put them. So, when you join Space Patrol, it's a real space patrol you join. If you move into your own apartment here, I don't care what you put into your own link page as long as it meets the standards of conduct. It's your apartment and should reflect your legitimate interests. Mine is gonna have sooo much stuff that is "anachronistic", it'll be pathetic. Those links are for others to use, you already have them unless you wish to use your apartment as the entry point. Add to that the Yahoo Communications suite you can set up and the Security Swite you can get and you've got the finest cruiser and mini-HQ in the Universe


About the only thing you can't do here is get bored. Hell. I put it together and sometimes get sick of looking at it but I keep coming back: And I know what's here!