It is becoming the case that more and more persons are using browsers other than Internet Explorer for various reasons; security, they have a mad on at Microsoft, or the alternative browser is just plain better. I've switched to Firefox and love it to pieces. This is occurring in numbers that are becoming significant. When I wrote this site. IE was the choice for, like, 90% of the folks: That's no longer true. As is stated a couple of times. this site was written in Internet Explorer. I hve since picked up Firefox and Opera. As a Space Patroller, I patrol all kinds of space. This includes cyberspace. When I really get brave I am going to start messing with UBUNTU a Linux OS bundle that I am told just loves Firefox and has it's own office and other things. Then you can really cut the Microsoft cord (Pity: they've changed since they became a mega-corporation: from about 1978 to '93, they were the gold standard in OS and apps and just about pioneered the Web).

In fact, if you don't have FireFox, take this opportunity to get the SPACE PATROL SUITE Now there will be things here that are incompatable with Firefox as I have it. You may be able to work something out on your own, While I've been, and probably will be correcting some pages to work in Fx as I find them, several of the javascript applications don't work. This may be inherent in Firefox or just the version I have or the way I run it. What I have in mind are some of my calcs, the Math and Science Console and some of the games I have. This leaves us with two alternatives. You can switch to IE for them like I do with my version of the Terra V Rocket Cockpit, I may be able to either replace or adapt the apps to work with Firefox, or find a way to make the page open in IE. . If you read the credits, you will note that I did not write these apps. What I did was just go into the control panel. select Internet Options then to the homepage section and make the homepage the address of my Terra V Rocket cocpit. When I launch Internet Explorer, it goes right there and since Firefox is my default browser. IE should not even see the internet except to pages that the Rocket Cocpit links. Since it's the take-home version, you can do the same. It will, however, bugger up the TEST FLY if you open it in Firefox. If you have a problem go to the Bug Report and type in the message input box "BROWER MISMATCH...[the browser you're using, the place and what does or does not happen]". It's not reall a bug but it is a problem.
UPDATE: You can get and install IE Tab. Go to your copy of Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options, Security, custom and disable all the ActiveX options. Freely running ActiveX is 90% of the security problem with IE. Later on, Report To Space Patrol Security and see what is there for you to use. In Firefox go to Tools, add-ons, IE Tab, Optins, Site Filter, Enable and Delete what is in the "Rule" box. This lets you add sites that you trust to run in Internet Explorer. You also have an option in the context menu to view a page in IE. You can be choosy about what you look at in IE.

But for all you Firefox'ers, heres a nifty little Space Patrol status bar date/time display. It is the one I use

  1. If you do not have the add-on "statusbar clock" go get and install it
  2. Go into your add-ons, find this one and click options and you will be taken to a setup page.
  3. set up as follows


    1. 30yy This gives the current year in two-digit format and goes with the 30 nicely
    2. CE or AD. I use CE to be in accordance with the Modern Languages Association scientific format. AD is pretty cool, too as in 3007 AD
    3. comma space
    4. Weekday spells out the day
    5. comma space
    6. dd two-digit date
    7. space>
    8. month
    1. HH Hours in 24 hour format
    2. m two-digit minutes disply; ThUs 8:09 AM would be 0809
    3. period or colon
    4. s seconds
  4. What you get should look something like this

    3007 CE, Wednesday 26 September 1343.23