As the creator of this website, I stand at apex of a pyramid. That pyramid was built before I could use it, I just had the want of getting to the top for what was there and use it for my purposes. I could not possibly have built this on my own. I do not yet know the programming language of javascript, I had to find the persons who would show me that I am not alone with this interest and provide the content and I had to be mentored in the culture that is mine and how it would support the ideas and how it developed over the millenia.

You, no doubt have heard "...the best thing since sliced bread...". It is most likely that the person who came up with sliced bread invented neither the bread nor the slicing machine. I am like that persons. Therefore, it would be flat out wrong of me not to make a place of mention for those who did.

CREDTIS: In recognition of thsoe who provided the speific items that I used here
ACKNOWLEDGEMTNS: Those whose work provided the supporting psychological and historical structure without which this could not exist.

DEDICATION: Those who provided the moral. and some of the material support, and the psychological "model" for whom this site was intended to enjoy.