How You Can Become a Functioning Member Here at SPACE PATROL

Instead of the usual "bulletin board" (actually it's "forum"), I've decided to use yahoo groups for our message board(s). An ad-free board costs an arm and a leg for a good one, particularly one that you can chop up into separate forums and store messages in excess of about 200 posts, and for other reasons that I will explain later. I think that this is a better deal

Because we have 3 message centers and becuase you may want to contact others, we recommend a yahoo suite just for here. That way, you don't get your business elsewhere confused with what you do here. We have also been given the OK to use the SOLARGUARD/STARLOG BULLETIN BOARD as part of our Communications Network. It is must-register-to-post board. When complete, this will be your Commlink, comchannel or Communications Center. If you decide to MOVE IN, or use any of the communications gear that we have, this is what you will wnat to have up and running. If you use any of the major rocket cockpits or communications consoles, it will be integrated in and since you can customize it to your wants: Well...what can I say?

  • Begin with a yahoo ID. Now in choosing a name, you will be judged by it. so nothing like satans_child, doggy_drool, daddys_boy or spank_mistress, that is nothing bizarre, crude, vulgar or porno. they violat our code of conduct and can get you thrown outta here faster than a rocket-propelled rabbit. Aside from which people may tend to avoid you likke Plutonian Plague.
  • A yahoo mailbox for your business here. It is spam and virus guarded.
  • A yahoo profile: it shows you aren't a spammer and you can put up what you want us to know about you
  • You may be able to use Yahoo 360. It gives you photo, blog, among other things, as part of a social networking arm of your commo suite
  • Don't turn up your nose at Yahoo Instant Messenger
  • Put it all together with My Yahoo! Your mini HQ. This is a page or pages to store goodies and access other things on the Yahoo network. and includes a notepad for making notes or logs if you use it wit the Terra V Rocket Cocpit or Start page which contains a link right to the start page a calendar. verizon services plus a shipload of things I don't even have but the selections blew me away.
  • This also gives you about 20MB free space on Geocities. Far from the greatest free hosing (I don't like the way they do the ad displays and you can't use your nav buttons) but, it's serviceable and it's there anyway so why not take it. The whole thing is also anonymous, you choose all names and ID's, so nothing bad will follow you home, unless, of course, you are dumb enough to bring it with you. So you have a built-in level of security. So, STEP ON IT. CADET!.


    In this day and age, most message board owners require you to register and very few of them are divisible into forums this is a better way to go. Also, this can't be spammed to death like the Solar Guard message board was. Also. most of the free message boards throw more pop-ups at you than your pop-up blocker can deal with before you even start and decent message boards ain't cheap. Also, this is easier to manage than a message board. I'm a member of several clubs and they handle heavy traffic a lot better than a BB with less work. Also, it can sustain heavier traffic; most message boards have about a 1,000 message limit before they start to discard older messages unless the owner is willing to pay top buck. Also, you can have the messages sent right to your email, either your "home" address or your yahoo! addy. Also, you can send pix and other attachements which are then scanned for the nasties. That's quite a few "Also"s. All of that alone would make this at least as good as a forum for everyone...

    ...Except that there is more. Instead of just taking messages. each group:

    I think it's better than a bulletin board if you intend to be active, which, if you do, then a little effort won't kill you. You can, in essence, create a sort of HQ of your own with My Yahoo!; and a pretty good one at that, especially considering the amount of money it will cost you. You will find them in the Carlysle Civic Center by going through the green doors; this doesn't matter since you'll stick the link to your groups in your My Yahoo!. You could get their toolbar. its Anti-spy is very good and you can put your yahoo things there and sign in and out from there. JOIN NOW


    Now, you just went through about 6 or 7 pages to get here. That's a lot, I did that to give it a scnse of place and process to make it as lifelike as I can. It should only be a one-time thing. That is, if you return you don't want to have to go through that mess every time. Now, ordinarily you'd find a site map and that would be it. but I have a larger purpose: I'm just a big kid who wants to play Space Patrol and has the training as a shrink to make it as lifelike as I can. You do not read this site and it's relatives, you use it and you play space Patrol, as you will see. So who wants to have to go through all that jive to get at the heart of it? Still, there are things you passed by to get to this spot and would want to get at again.

    that's where a Point of Entry comes in. A Point of Entry lets you get at the rest of the site without hnaving to start from the index (first page). For Retro Rockets, we reccomend the Downtown Monorail Terminal. It has links to everything.

    You might also be well advised to pick up TRILLIAN: The controller for all your instant messengers

    The tools to keep you safe in cyber-space