Space Patrol websites are now becoming more and more involvoed with media, particularly audio-video aka A/V. but also, as stated in WEB 3.0, interactive. And in many cases, this is non-Space Patrol media, such as 50's and 60's music and such. In fact, "media heavy" ought be the key operative term here. I was going to call this "Media Pig Enterprises" but I think something with "-Zilla" appended to the end says it soooo much better.

In the case of Terra City, the idea is that you become a "citizen". In the life of any civilization, media plays a part. it's the books you reaed. radio programs, music, movies and Television programs. Just how big a part depends. when I was 15 I listend to about 3 hours of radio and watched two hors of TV and read for about 4 hours a day. We had about 15 AM radio stations, FM was for old farts, 6 TV stations except on summer nights when we could get about 3 more, all of which shut down at about midnight. Compare that with what we have today about 20 AM 20 FM 10 Internet radio stations and about 100 TV channesl (depending on your cable or dish plan). Even the internet itself is a medium. I have access to video episodes of Space Patrol, 3 of Captain Video, and several of Rocky Jones: Space Ranger, mostly on YouTube. I have about 500 Old Time Radio events and a growing mp3.jukebox, plus some internet radio broadcasts of some form or other. Swapsale has a growing media component of music, audio and video and Jean-Noel Bassior over at has some media. So get used to it. In fact, when I commented to Cadet Bruce at Swapsale that "we are gobbling up media" he said, "It's more like media is gobbling me up". Well said! If you saw the media files I have that need to be collated, renamed and arranged, about 10 GB of it, you'd believe I would not be out of here until I was a very old man ("Gee, they didn't have interstellar drive when I started this project; and talking cats and did you say I could get a 1 googlebyte computer put into my brain? Is it made by Google?... Waddayamean 'What's Google'?"). But let's face it A/V and interactive is soooooo KEWWWWL!

FireFox has some media plugins and media control plugins that you will want. I carry all three major media players, Windows, RealPlayer and QuickTime. Now all can be customized so you don't have to be afarid of QT taking over the world. In fact, I like it for mp3's although my tech-buddy in Florida hates it because it "has its [code] hooks into everythihg"

Because we are starting to get heavily involved with audio-video media. we recommend that you buy a PREMIUM media player. Now some of our linked music sites use Real Audio. the best bet is RealPlayer. The premium version has a 10-band graphic EQ and lets you record to dgiital from analog sources. It's the one I use. Also, I use SoundMAX for my mid/rmi files, it makes the music files sound like real instruments. Avoid the QuickTime synthesizer: Horrible!

Just how good is the stuff I put here? Well, The Space Patrol Power Console that I made and recommend for your FireFox homepage is mine. One of the things I use if for is to unclutter my desktop, so you're getting the same stuff I use from my desktop. I use the Space-O-Calc, the Coco Calculator and the tow TI calcs and they're sitting on my desktop so you know that the're happening gear. The Terra V Rocket Cockpit will be my Internet Explorer Homepage so I can get some use out of IE. And boy oh boy! it's turning out to be a real doozie! It will be the one you use to fly out of Chaney Field and the Power Console is going right smack dab on the CO's desk and you'll be abil to pick them up at those locations: AFTER you've been thoroughly blown away and decide you want them.