Consider moving into The Space Patrol Living Quarters and becoming an active Space Patroller.

  1. Read and followTHESE INSTRUCTIONS to set up a communications hub.
  2. Next, build a small personal site at FriendPages. See my SAMPLE. Just use the link that you will find.
  3. After inspection to see that there is nothing that is out of line, in the Living Quarters, which see HERE. This is a part of the Space Patrol complex.
  4. Send me the link to your "quarters". I have a link page with these links. there are 3 apartment buildings This link page will act as a "buzz-in board" (I'm not going to go near that one!): In large apartment buildings, the lobby has a kind of central doorbell bank You find the name of the person you are looking for and press the button next to it. that is a buzz-in board. As a Space Patroller. YOu will want to post the SpacePatrol.US link to the main site in a prominent place