As a United Planets of the Solar System or Space Patrol Official, you are provided by Space Patrol with full access by this vehicle to anywhere in this vehicle's range. This includes the secret Vehicle Access Tunnels that honeycomb the Space Patrol HQ and were designed to give Maintenance & Repair and high-ranking officers of the United Planets, Terra City and Space Patrol Special Access. The Destination Entry system will be a touch panel. Merely select the name of the place and you will be taken direcly there. NOTE: THIS SYSTEM IS CASE SENSITIVE

If the password is correct, you go to altivista, if the password isn't you go to angelfire

MAJOR HEARTBYRNE HERE: BOYS! You know what blabbermouths the girls are so KEEP IT ZIPPED! or you can go and play with THEM. And don't rip your dress!

CAROL & TONGA HERE: GIRLS! We helped Buzz and Robbie design this system. Now don't tell the boys or you can go an play with THEM. And don't come back crying to us!