RETRO ROCKETS is not a website. It is a "shell" that includes the Space Patrol site and others that I link to via the Rocket City Spaceport. SpacePatrol.US is both the domain and teh main site. It is not a professional site. In itself it is 100% home grown. so what you get is real Space Cadet from the 1950's; typo's, bad grammar (I was too busy paying attention to my Science classes), run-on sentences and all, but only of the highest quality. Nothing slick, glitzy or generic here. All homebrew; all the time, from those who brew it best.

Retro-Rockets and Rocket City evolved from an idea I had around 2001 to

RETRO-ROCKETS consists of three parts: If you think you have a site that fits into that then you can drop me a link at

I did not use the usual mailto: to prevent spam and other badbots from locking onto my address: they can't read images

I will then look at and evaluate your site for inclusion into Rocket City or some part of RETRO-ROCKETS with an eye toward keeping it. The word is "I want to put it here" Here are the rules

this is old school; really old school, not old fart. In fact, you will not find one "Super Prostate Shrink-R" "Senior Stress Stopper" or "Impends" site or reference here. This is a look into another world that we had as kids. If you're age 10-15 and have found this place, ditch the xbox for awhile and have a looksee. We use some video games here too. I was a big fan of them back in the 70's and early '80's, They're not bad, it's just theat there is a larger world out there. Who knows, we might have Grand Theft: Rocket, but don't expect the Space Patrol to fold up like a cheap switchblade. when we bring you in, you go right to the Brain-O-Graph where we mess with your head.

Unlike "", which we have because they are loaded for dinosaur, we stay true to our times because we stay true to our people; this stuff meant something to someone(s) and we will not dishonor that meaning: who do you think we are; Prince Baccaratti? (what better place for a heel than on the "footer", right Cadets?) You won't ever see Scooby-Doo or even the Beatles here, except maybe at a site we link to which is of significance to here. You will see Felix the Cat here. You will see Roy Orbison. We may include some modern things like the Carnegie Collection (dinosaurs) but only as an extension of an interest that started in the '50's. The same with Guillows (gliders) and the new Jim Walker A.J. Classics where you can get a true-to-the-original A.J. Hornet (gone for over 40 years)

? This is the Mystery Category. You know it by the familiar blue time machine. This takes you to places that While I cannot rcommend them here (wink wink) due to their temporal dislocation, I cannot stop them from finding their way here. Ever try to jam a TARDIS' nav system; especially on that has been worked on and had parts put in it from some alien world you've never heard of? All I can do is limit its operational activities here.
DRAT! No Cheat Codes