If you heard the radio versions of Space Patrol then you heard mention of a Martian Indian. As it happens these are the Ounnagechamunni Tribe. They are the ones who put up this and ohter Spaceman's Luck Casinos. The Spaceman's Luck casinos are a series of "Pocket Casinos". these are small, in-city gaming establshments that cater to the visitors to the better cities: Lowell City (2350), Terra City (2923), EuroCity (2189, Reagan City (2154) and the other "Golden Cities" (those in the vicinity of space ports) of the United Planets. Two more are planned. VenusUrb (2484) and Jovapolis (2729). Based on the Foxwoods-Mohican Sun paradigm they offer high-energy gaming in a compact package.

MAJOR HEARTBYRNE HERE: If I see any of my cadets in this place, with my size 11 steel toed boot I will personally give you a dinosaur: a Megasaurus!