Christopher Corry Administration Building

The Christopher Corry building was noamed for Christopher "Kit" Corry. The immidiate Command predecessor of his brother Edward "Buzz" Corry. Kit left the Comand to put his time into the Cadet Education Program. Together, the two Corry brothers brought about changes that integrated the Academy and C3I sections of Space Patrol more closely to enhance cadet education, training and readiness.

Now; listen up, space-maggots! I'm Max Hartbyrne: That's MAJOR Hartbyrne to you clowns. I'm the Commandant of the Space Patrol Academy. For those of you still in training spacesuits, that means I run the place. You come in here with skulls full of space gas and you leave here a hardened member of an elite force. and don't foget, Just becuase you don't see him does not mean that Buzz Corry is not here, at least in spirit, which is what counts. so if one of your instructors says to you "What would Commander Corry say if he heard about this?" You better start feeling pre-etty worthless and pretty dammed fast, too. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? BUZZ CORRY WANTS NO SCREW-UPS, LOSERS, GOLDBRICKERS OR FAIRYHOPPERS* ON THIS TEAM AND ANYONE DOGGING IT IS GONNA GET A REAL EARFULL OF METEOR MUISC! And just becuase I like you space slugs doesn't mean I ain't gonna yell at you plenty. This ain't no Solar Guard that lets Roger Manning get away with murder. It's when I don't yell at you that you better worry 'cuz that means I just don't give a Rigellian rat's rear about you and you already have one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel. Besides it's good for the soul: My soul. SO GET USED TO IT BECAUSE I SERVE IT UP WITH A SHOVEL: A STEAM SHOVEL! It's up to me to see to it that you Bozo's are up to snuff and I don't intend to disappoint Commander Corry. What makes you think that when the cowpie hits the fan that Prince Baccaratti or Agent X is gonna wipe your nose if you start cryin "momma"? The only thing they'll wipe is the floor: Up with YOU

Now GET THIS STRAIGHT: On this campus we do not amble, shuffle or stroll, we either trot, march or run. I WANT TO SEE SOME HUSTLE OUT OF YOU GUYS: CAPEESH?! Also, This is the ONLY Pinup of the day we want to see here!

And get this through your skulls, too, a Cadet lives or dies by staying in touch with the Adminstration Bulletin Boeard. So we have a special touch-screen version of it. So



I shouldn't have to do this rant at all; but in every incoming class there's always some Numnutski whose head isn't screwed on right. We've been in space for a thousand years and you'd think that this would be second nature, but somehow, some way some cadet leaves his brains in the head. Sooooo for the umpteenth time...

The first thing a Space Patroller cares about is his ship. That's his ride, sometimes his home and his eyes on the fly. So whether it's looking 40,000 DU ahead, keeping your cover or keeping yourself from gettin gyppeed by unscrupulous space grifter, Get the things you need when you're off-planet; or even on-planet with the way Major Robertson's office keeps getting broken into. And if I hear that this gets back to him, you are gonna hear it from me: So keep your space suit zipped! If you haven't gotten these thing yet, DO IT NOW! I don't want to have to bail you out of some stupid jam that you get yourself into. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR: CADET?! SIR,Yes SIR!

A Space Patroler not only has to fly like a Venusian VampBat but has to be as smart as one, too. You get the smarts from the Academic courses and books you read. You have to know what to do on the spot so you ned a good grounding in Science and Engineering. AND THE FIRST SMARTASS THAT TRIES TO BUILD A PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE HEARS IT FROM ME!! UNDERSTOOD?!


There, I feel much better: How about you?

OK Cadet! Trek on over to class. Before you get there, you're expected to have the full inventory of tools and supplies you'll need so be sure to stop at the bookstore, too.