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We are proud to have an associtation with SPACE PATROL in all media.

SPACE PATROL was an early live action television "space show". It starred Ed Kemmer as Commander-in-Chief Buzz Corry and Lyn Osborn as Cadet Happy. It won several industry awards for things like choreography and fight scenes. It employed and even pioneered some advanced technology in things like special effects. It also won some public service awards as well. There was alos a radio presentation of SPACE PATROL which, while the characters, setting and actors were the same, there were significant difference between this and the television show. Both were very good. The television show was rebroadcast, syndicated as SATALLITE POLICE and as part of NIGHT FLIGHT which appeard on both broadcast and cable television in the 1980's. Television episodes of SPACE PATROL are available on VHS and DVD. The radio programs can be gotten on mp3 disk. You can Audition some of the radio episodes.

Some of the SPACE PATROL sites are very involved with media in gneral offering music, "video jukebox" and non-SPACE PATROL video and audio tracks or interactive material, thus keeping up the high standards of experience that were set by SPACE PATROL. All SPACE PATROL sites are a great deal and a fun time.