Die-Roller for Roleplaying Games

Forgot your percentile dice? Need a 2D35+128 die-roll and can't find 35-sided dice? No problem.

Fill in the form below, and click "1 Roll" to generate an arbitrary die-roll. Click "Whole Page" to generate a page filled with die-rolls; you can print it out, and then each time you need a roll, just use the next one on the page and cross it out with a pen. I find this easier and more convenient than hunting for dice, sometimes.

The first space is for the number of dice. The second is for the number of sides on the dice. The third is for a number to be added or subtracted from the roll; use a negative number for subtraction. For instance, if you want to roll two six-sided dice and subtract two from the result, to generate a number from 0 to 10, enter 2, 6, and -2.


D +