MYTH #15: There apre place that Travelocity can't take you

Oh piffle! Travelocity can even take you to the early 1950's and the 30th Century: Both at the saem time!

Good day. The ELECTRONIC VISITORS' CENTGER is the equivalent of the ones in bus stations, airports and travel plazas in the real cities like Boston, LA, Baltimore and New York. These are usually confined to a magazine rack style affair with pamphlets. Well, For us; no way! We may be homebrew and not slick but where we can, we go first class. This visitors' center tells you what I think you need to know. I want you to be happy here as you buzz around so that you will come back. I want Space Patrol to become a household word as it was in 1952. I want to have players come in her and stay.

To me that means being able to use this place with understanding. To do that, the more insight you get, the better. The most insight I can give is to use the 4 questions of news reporting. What? Where? Who? How? and then add Why? That is the framework I use to explain things here. Each of the pushbuttons opens a page that tells you all about some aspect of this site: What is WEB 3.0? What, when and where is Space Patrol and how to find out more, What can I do here? How can I get and keep in touch with current events here and learn the history of this site? How do I talk to the nut who made this and if something goes wrong, on whom do I beat?

Right off, you'll notice that some pages are different from the norm. they are in "greyscale". This is to simulate the black and white television that was the order of the day during the early 1950's. Thses are mostly the infromation pages and most of the info pages are b/w that pertain to that timeframe. I wonder what would have happened had I don the whole site in black and white.

The DOWNTOWN MONORAIL TERMINAL leads to just about everywhere, including back to the Travel Plaza and Space Port where you came in, usually in less than 8 clicks and accesses all the reading material you will need. To save yourself the trouble of going through the whole entry process, which has served its purpose, create a Shortcut or link to the page when you get there. You may find other things to replace it but for now. this should be the entry page for you unless you like going the scenic route. Another area you might wish to save is the Space Patrol Headquarters lobby. It accesses the whole SP Complex and has as parts as the rest of the site if not more and gets you back downtown.