What Puts the 360 in SPACE PATROL 360?
Cyberstuff to see, think and do that puts You right in the middle of it all and sets you up so that you make it happen!

Remember OUR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET?. This is how we make it happen. In an advanced society, such as a participatory republic that is an advanced scientific utopia, the emphasis is on individualism. This is the precept that the individual group member exists apart from and before the group. If you will note, this has been the hallmark of just and prosperous peoples beucause it recognizes the basic fact that without individuals, groups could not be and that groups have a relational, not an absolute existence (it is the recognition of this fact that is part of the Randian philosophical system to which I subscribe and why I hold sacred human life, meaning life at the human level, and seek to promote those condition that make the choice to live as a human being the way to go). This menas that each person has a right to fully participate in the benefits of that republic. As a corollary, each person, in order to be able to participate to the fullest extent, has the responsibility to learn "the ropes" and how and why they work as they do. The foregoing was the "why". The rest is the "how". Just as, to vote effectively, you need to know how your political system works, to function well in the 30th Century United Planets of the Solar System, you need to know what it's all about and where you're at. Here is a bit of what goes on behind the scenes and that you do not see. You may want to use it to your own ends. I am not a fancy programmer but I can make my contribution in the form of design and psycological tech. "Web 3.0" is for 3-dimensional experience. View, dynamics, interectivity/participate. Historically, the order of things went:


While using the 'net for reading is great, as shown by the number of "e-zines" (and I've written for a couple of them), although I do better with the printed page unless I use a dark background with light text. otherwise the glare makes reading impossible, modern technology has given us Color TV. Text input, screen mapping, high-speed refresh, high-speed device to document controllers and high-speed transmission. This makes possible a new level of activity that was once only open to video game users but is now part of the online culture: Two-way, real-time interactive processing of text and image. In plain English, it means you can do stuff. Isn't doing stuff what life is all about; both real and imaginary? This makes possible a whole range of two-way activity such that a person with an idea for a "secondary universe" (sci-fi geekspeak for the setting of a series of books, radio/TV programs, movie or video garme) can arrange for games and things that fit that universe. Given the foregoing and a bit of knowledge, skill and imagination, you can put persons in that universe with a wide range of operation. Whereas reading about things, or just watching them on normal TV gives a somewhat cramped place in that universe, limiting the mental activity to dealing with what is in a script. All of the technology and software I mentioned puts you in situations with outcomes that are up for grabs and depend on you. When that becomes the A#1 attribute of the web entity you're dealing with, The whole thing becomes a difference, not of degree, but of kind. Things happening in real time is an essential and defining part of the whole Web 3.0 business. The person goes from an observer to a player. One develops a knowledge base and skills set for this universe (with Space Patrol, you get tools and skills/data not only for the United Planets of the Solar System universe, but for real life as well). Consequently, the secondary universe acquires a sense of reality far greater than if it was read about or viewd on TV. You do not read or watch a Web.3.0 entity, you use or play with, on or in it. This makes it is like one of those playsets that unfold into something much larger than the component parts. If this is your first encounter with Space Patrol, it will be very different from mine, or that of the actors who played the parts. Most of the reading material about Space Patrol is in the ORIENTATION. The main point of this site is what you do here. Each of these has it's own page and you will need to know the material to get what's going on and understand just why something that's over half a century gone has such a dedicated following.

So, what do I do here? Mostly I am a glorified stage manager. I define and set up the "space" and put the things in it (including various "traps" and typographical errors). Like the guy who invented sliced bread, I invented neither bread nor the slicing machine. I just put two things together. in this case, Space Patrol and the interactive capabilities of the web. This required and played into my strength. I am trained as a psychologist. This gives me a certain perspective on things. I look at it from the perspective of human behavior and its components. If you notice, I reference Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, who did pioneering research in role-play situations and how they take on a life of their own. Well I use many of those principles here for fun (this is not an experiment or excercize for me. I already know the answers. This is exactly as it appears: a place to do things).


Because a Web 3.0 entity is based on doing then it is structured to resemble real life. This means that it has special characteristics that make this easier. They are: Another way of picturing a Web 3.0 place is as a theme park. As such, There are crtain responsibilities. You have to excercize your brain. Now that means learning your way around, saving the nexes so that you need not go through all the intersectional parts (unless you like going the "scenic route"). REMEMBER: A web 3.0 entity is to be thought of as a place at which you are an active player, not a publication (some of which we may include)!


  1. The standard size of a display is one screen, this means that at no time may an image be more than about 10-15 pixels beyond the top, bottom or either side of the screen and require significan scrolling unless that is part of the activity. in which case it is better to put that activity on a separate screen with a button image, door image, screen pan or other image meaning "access" in the original screen. Because of the large number of images per screen. a long or large screen would be excessively "busy" and quite taxing on the player. Besides which, you can put quite a bit on one screen as is proven by the TERRA V ROCKET COCKPIT which controls over 150 activities.
  2. The prose is to be in a narrative or conversational style (unless you're Major Hartbyrne; then it's in an "ordering everyone around" style).
  3. At least 85% of all screens are one-screenful size
  4. 85% of all internal links are to be graphic.
  5. AT least 20% of the screens should have sound
  6. The presence of two or more major webtoys and four or more minor ones.
  7. Transit among sections is to be videographic, such as vehicles or some other visible means and appropriate to the nature of the place.
  8. There must be at least a dozen video, interactive or participatory activities that are subject-related, "missions" or other activities for every 300 files. The same activities can be "re-used" in different places but if so, do not count for that section but are considered as additional to what the section already has: Thus a 900 file site should have 36 such activities some of which may appear two or three times in different sections. This ought not be hard since a good major webtoy can include 50 functions in 10 activities and a good minor one can have 20 subfunctions with 4 activities. These may be imported.
  9. Most of the non-interactive/particiaptory material should relate to the interactive/participatory parts as support material. With a "city", the things like the civic center, museum and library are venues for participatory activities. An Academy is the place where learning and research is done except for flight training. For an orgaization headquarters, this means the kinds of things you would do there like a rec room, activities related to the organization's prupose, a realistic division of sections, usually of an executive/Command, Control, public interface/Communications and Intelligence/ data-processing or that kind of thing.REMEMBER: None of this has a physical existence; you must create very sharp and distinct mental images and must engage the visitors very strongly.
  10. Provisions for some input contact among participants also a link to the owner.
  11. "Live-in arrangements are to be made. the active participant is to become a functional part of the venue. This means establishing an identity, "legitimacy", and a place to showcase interests. Things like Yahoo and FriendPages. They are easy to use and give a lot of psychological space.
  12. An Administrative Bulletin Board or some other update for major events must exist and be integrated into the design of the place
  13. The visitorship, termed "players" or "Web 3.0 plyaers" if they go beyond the realm of the curious or very casual/non-participatory, because they are intended to be actave participants, is divided into Categories that reflect this being a place with each type having a role to play as part of here.
    1. New Arrivals, Newbies or Tenderfoots
    2. Visitors: Persons who drop by at irreguar intervals
    3. Semi-Regulars: Persons who vist 4 to 12 times a month
    4. Regulars: Persons who visit 3 to 7 times weekly or use the clubs in the Civic Center.
    5. Residents Citizenss: Persons who take advantage of the "Move IN" option. Those who do have some level of input into what goes on here so long as it fits and can call some of the shots here
    6. Terra, Terra City and Space Patrol Officials. If you read the history of this web endtity, you will note that I co-opted a team of persons from the original persons who said he was going to do this and never even started after I waited a fair amount of time during which I built much of the site in front of everybody's nose so they could see I wasn't lying or bragging about things I could not do. These are persons who contributed and use heavily both this site and the original Space Patrol. Jean-Noel Bassior wrote the book-literally, Warren Chaney had close contact with Ed Kemmer. john Dunaj is hot with images Jon Rogers is pretty hip, Bruce David runs Swapsale, which is becoming a destination in itself. These folks have a lot of drag here; which is as it should be.
I broached the notion of a Commander in Chief to JNB and she said that it is quite likely that nobody could fill Ed Kemmer's shew (he, Buzz Corry and Space Patrol fit each other like gloves). I quite agree although as narratro, I have to speak as the CiC as well as Max Hartbyrne and Flight Instructer C. Howie Krasches. Space Patrol has reached the point of being "organic" and the situation and relationships tell each of us what to do and since we are invested in the continuance and furtherance of Space Patrol then it moves along "under its own poeer.

Now having so much here, If I were to store it all at one site it would be unwieldy. Hence I've created storage sites for things I use. These auxilliary sites make for less complication and therefore easier, smoother operation. Since this is the "road map" to Web 3.0 and Space Patrol, here is a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes goings on

Another aspect of life is cultural: Books, Television, radio and the like. These are called "media". A "medium" is anything that is used to communicate between and among the elements of a system and its users. Well Media-Zilla is just that; a dinosaur-sized set of locally housed media that you access by; I was originally going to call this aspect "Media Pig Enterprises" but anything with "-zilla" attached to the end makes the point far better. SpacePatrol.us probably has more media per unit size than 95% of all websites. I use a company that is known for business hosting. I've got a total of 30 GB disk space and 600 GB monthly bandwidth. The most I've seen of that used in one month is 3 GB so it looks like I can serve it up with a shovel: A steamshovel and I mean to do just that.

Know what a homepage or "start page" (so called because it was designed to be the first thing you did online each day) is? it's a software application that does things like gets you the weather, news, access to your email or ebay, and other things. Persons use things. These things are tools, some are very generalized and some pertain to specific things they do, sometimes as a member of a specific group. Well, we have several apllications. In the cyber and virtual world that is Web 3.0, applications are the tools that you use. Power Krunchies is where we store them to keep them from clutterin up the main or "control" site. In the case of these tools, their specific use is real-world. The Brain-O-Graph or Intelligence Console pertain only to The United Planets of the Solar System of the Thirtieth Century. You are not going to need or use them at home for reasearch, math or like that so they stay here. The things in Power Krunchies are things you can use outside the context of this site so they are made to be taen home with you to have for your very own.
  • The Space Patrol Power Console . The do-it-all application that you take home with you, install on your hard drive and make a part of FireFox2
  • Calculators; of several stages on the evolutionary scale.Grab 'em up and crunch numbers
  • Terra V Rocket Cockpit (being revamped) an Internet Explorer "start Page" that does all kinds of things; some of these things are deplicates of the Power console and may are uniqe to it, such as gaming and 'playing Space Patrol". (hint. get Yahoo Messenger and a headset and you can do voice chat. Imagine having a unit that is distributed all over the world in voice communication with each other? That's gotta rock! Power-Krunchies crunch through tasks with the power of technology. Unlike other homepages which are parts of external networks like MSN, Yahoo or Googl. You take our stuff home, put it on your hard drive, put the link on the desktop and can customize it; we even provide the tools, supplies instructions and an update/upgrade/debugs and other things via a service department

    IN SHORT: IT'S ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO HERE! So, you'll be staying awhile.